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Alp Broker

Enabling retail-facing brokers a super quick and robust way to kick-start its business alternatively address legacy issues to markedly improve market share and profitability.


Alp Broker represents highly configurable business management solutions for broker looking to provide full stack solutions to underlying clients. The highly adaptable application, designed for brokers to administer everything in relation to their Alp Trader environment. As a broker you can expect complete, real-time access to all accounts in your books, including trading activity and history, margin information, balance information, personal details and account settings – all in one single space, to make your work even more efficient and ensure each client optimally mapped.


Part of the Alp Broker client management toolkit include:

Limit Management

Margin Trading


Position Manager

Direct Sourcing (DMA)

Price Configuration

Multi Asset Trading


Account Management

Quick and easy access to account information. Alp Broker provides features such as ability to save personal details associated with an account. Storing these personal details on the platform is entirely optional. You can also view all applied settings, registration time, and the last login time of each account. Plenty of granular features to segment and control user profiles and usage.

Dynamic Leverage

You can create unlimited dynamic leverage profiles, where multiple tiers of volume can be defined. When reached, a dynamic reduction of leverage takes place, which increases margin requirements for the range of exposure, which falls within a tier. Each Symbol, in each Group, can have its own Dynamic Leverage profile assigned for ultimate granularity. Two settings are available to decide what happens when exposure is decreased: the margin can either be released proportionally, or it can be recalculated for all open positions.

Risk Management

View realized and unrealized P&L, Multi hedge strategy avalable - Monitor A, B or hybrid exposure risk & STP flow in real-time. All details are visible for the whole environment, per group, per instrument, per asset and per client, to ensure effective risk management for any broker, offering online margin trading.

Liquidity Feed

Integrate and manage multiple liquidity price feeds, which can be connected to your Alp Broker clients, to simultaneously switch either Quote or Trade connection on-the-fly. Easily manage backup feeds for redundancy and risk management, or access separate sources for a different range of markets. Liquidity feeds can be selected on a per symbol basis. B-Book Execution Settings Choose how internalized orders are executed in your environment. Reduce the risk of arbitrage by setting an execution delay range on B-Book orders – a setting, which can be applied on a per group and per symbol basis. Decide on the method used to fill internal orders. Available options include: Example of settings, Full Access, Close Only & Trading Disabled.

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