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Alp Cloud

Cutting-edge, easy-to-deploy cloud solution providing scalability and resilience that fuels your business growth to meet the increasing demands of your clients trading globally.


Alp Cloud provides a low implementation service to professional capital market participants increasingly moving to cloud based services, thanks to the convenience of the solutions cloud-based format provides. As opposed to dedicated data center infrastructure, with cloud computing users can access an elastic cloud computing solution at minimal cost and much quicker implementation tailored to their specific needs providing low latency and reliablity. As a result, Alp Cloud users can leverage the cloud to their clients seamless access to trading strategies, execute trades and monitor markets to make the right decisions, at the right time. Alp Cloud offers low latency hosting and direct connectivity for trading application and connectivity to the major cloud service providers including AWS, Alibaba Cloud, Google Cloud Platform, Oracle and Microsoft Azure. All our professional customers have access to the unique private portal that allows them to scale services up or down instantaneously. Alp Cloud security artchitecture is inherently agile by design and does not impede on the ultra-low latency service we provide. Our defence-in-depth solutions, processes and staff compliment and enhances performance while maintaining a secure infrastructure. 


Enhance your

business infrastructure

Frequently changing digital technology needs requires greater business agility to stay ahead of competition. A growing amount of innovative products within the public cloud is available to assist your business and operating models adapt to the latest advances. These open source computing resources can be easily accessed through your own Alp Cloud enabled platform, allowing you to adapt quickly to changing demands with highly scalable architecture and diversity of component choice. Alp Cloud provides the user the cost agility to follow lean growth strategies and focus their investment and time on driving client facing projects.


Unique Offering

Efficiency/Cost Reduction


Data Security & Stability



Data control/bandwidth and access

Swift implementation

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