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Alp Data

Get access to competitively price real-time data across major markets to service your clients effectively.

Alp Data Solutions

Alp Data provides real-time, multi-asset financial market data and solutions, which allows firms sufficient access to key markets for competitive price creation and re-distribution services. Low latency data feeds based on high volume capacity API connectivity tailored to best-of-breed data access solutions for reach asset classes in financial markets. Our level 1 and level 2 data you can get hold of will improve the quality of your decision-making.

Forex price feeds

Our real-time FX price feeds feature a diverse, low latency multi-contributor price origination, making it a robust and reliable price discovery feature. Versatile currency pair configuration and multi level of depth ensures highly satisfactory client experience.

Equity price feeds

CFD price feeds

Crypto price feeds

Commodities price feeds

Pricing from major liquidity providers with strong tight pricing enabling brokers to build a reliable midpoint reference during fluctuating market conditions.

Futures price feeds

AlpFin offers market data access for price creation or data distribution purposes from the major exchanges. 

Indices price feeds

Access to single stock CFD/indices price feeds from major exchanges in the world, including HK, UK, EU and US stock markets.

CFD prices are derived either from multiple liquidity and pricing providers or directly from an underlying reference market. Clients can use the prices for own trading, price creation or redistribution.

AlpFin provides powerful, flexible, cryptocurrency market-data endpoint resulting in real-time gapless data access to directly from world top Crypto exchange. With coverage spanning more than 100 cryptocurrencies around the world, AlpFin is the genuinely end-to-end, independent market data utility in the industry. This allows underlying clients a versatile data feed when building a wallet, a portfolio management tool, a new media offering, and much more.

AlpFin provides accurate data point to access the major global indices. The access is provided via low latency APIs in real-time format.

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