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Meet our Team


Chief Executive Officer

Chris Ling

As the founder of AlpFin, Chris brings over 13 years of experience in the financial industry. His understanding of the foreign exchange market encompasses a range of areas including trading strategies, client relations, trading technology, and currency risk management. This hands-on involvement has equipped him with a deeper insight into market trends, enabling him to lead AlpFin with a keen eye.

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Global Head of Sales and Marketing

Chris de Sibert

After 30 years of experience in Foreign Exchange Sales at Tier 1 banks and FinTech companies, Chris is now driving AlpFin's Global Sales and Marketing efforts within the FX Institutional business.

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Liquidity Associate

Stefan Chilingirian

Stefan joined AlpFin after completing his Msc in Finance and Investment. He has a deep knowledge of the full front to back tech stack and he uses his experience to give AlpFin's clients a great experience in terms of seamless trading. He combines his skills in customer service with his technical capabilities.

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Legal and Compliance Analyst

Yan Wu

Yan is a Legal and Compliance Analyst at AlpFin. She is responsible for ensuring the company complied with its regulatory requirements, internal policies and FCA regulations. Yan graduated with a Master’s in law, business and management and a LLB from China University of Political Science and Law.

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Operations Manager

Ramakrishnan Venkataram

Having 27 years of experience in the financial industry, mainly banking and in brokerage firms, has equipped Ramakrishnan with diverse skills within Retail and Treasury Operations, Client relations, MIS and leadership roles. He has a proven track record of success in navigating the complexities of the financial industry.

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Global Head of Liquidity Management and Operations

Andrea Sanna

A Bocconi alumni with 10 years of experience in FX Institutional trading. Andrea specializes eFX Quant trading risk management and technology and has a strong understanding of FX operational frameworks. He takes care of Global Operations and Liquidity Management at AlpFin defining the overall institutional business strategy.

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Senior Operations Manager

Ben Cross

Ben handles the day to day processes, supporting the LM team and being the first point of contact for clients and third-party vendors. He has been in the industry many years, working for banks, funds and brokers.

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Liquidity Analyst

Yufeng Gan

Yufeng joined AlpFin upon graduating in Economics with a background in Data Science. He analyses large data sets to facilitate liquidity allocation for clients and optimizes flow for LPs. Additionally, he supports the operations team across various functions, providing useful insights from a statistical perspective.

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Operations Analyst

Ye Kuang

After graduating from a law degree, Ye embarked on her journey at AlpFin as a Legal and Compliance Analyst and soon became an Operations Analyst. In this capacity she manages the company's day-to-day operations, oversees client onboarding processes, and addresses various compliance requests.

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Social Media and Marketing Management Intern

Laura Duò

Laura has a background in Law, Languages, and International Cooperation. She is self-taught in marketing and entrepreneurship. At AlpFin, she takes care of managing our social media, blog, and website. She also coordinates events, and supports the team with design and administrative tasks.

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